The process


I work from my home in Oxfordshire home, which I have a room which I paint in. For my animal portraits I work from photos or off the computer, which I find handy as I can zoom in on the eyes or other areas. I work by blocking in the background and the rough tones to begin with, and gradually build up the layers, until happy with the final picture.

Most of my work is done with Atalier Interactive Acrylics, which the extended blending time lends itself to portrait work and is high quality professional paint. I have started working also with oil paints recently.  I mainly work on Deep Boxed Canvas (Generally 3.5cm deep) so it does not need framing. However for commission work I can paint on canvas board, so the customer can get it framed.

I paint around the edges of my work as I feel it finishes the work off and looks better hanging on the wall. I varnish the work with a satin varnish.


Blocking in the main colours and tones

Blocking in the main colours and tones

Finishing the canvas


Finished and hung on the wall