About me



I work part time as an Intensive Care Nurse, which is a busy and challenging. My art is a complete contrast, it is my relaxation time. I can happily spend hours with a paintbrush up till the early hours.

I have been painting a few years now, and feel its taken me on an unexpected and exciting journey. I did A level art but had done little painting until I joined an art class when my 2  children started school. I was then hooked and had forgotten how much fun it was. With encouragement of my art teacher, I am now selling in exhibitions, galleries and local shops and have started demonstrating and teaching in art groups. I particularly enjoy exhibiting alongside other artists and have met some amazing people along the way.

I never set out to be an animal portrait artist, but after trying a few portraits I really enjoyed the challenge and people seemed to like my work. I enjoy particularly the animals with good sense of character and personalty, and if I can capture that or make someone smile, then I’ve achieved my goal.

I love being outside, walking in the fresh air, and I take inspiration from the world around us. Although most of my work is animals, its great to get my palette knife out and paint a landscape or experiment with texture and mixed media, and keeps me enjoying painting and pushing my boundaries.